underwater thrustersWelcome to Innerspace Corporation.  We design, develop and manufacture the world’s most efficient  propulsion systems for marine vehicles. Our focus is underwater thrusters. We offer a variety of Hydraulic & Electric Marine Thrusters including off the shelf systems such as the 1002HL Thruster with Hexjet Technology as well as customized solutions/systems for R&D programs or prototype underwater vehicles.

Our primary focus as a business is the operation of underwater vehicles such as ROVs and AUVs. A huge part of Innerspace’s manufacturing process includes careful design and fabrication. Our custom thrusters are almost always meeting the requirements of our clients. If they do not, we work with you to make it work. We have a staff that can offer great support and has experience with our products. We can answer any questions you may have our thrusters.

#1 In Underwater Thrusters

Our management and employees have a wealth of past experience in all aspects of the thruster industry. The company has at its disposal, the most advanced manufacturing techniques in conjunction with special purpose-built equipment. This ensures that customers receive innovative products of the very highest quality at a competitive price. Innerspace Corporation has a continuing policy of development and improvement to better serve its customers. The company’s main guiding principle is to make customers throughout the world more successful with our know-how, technological skills, and the commitment of our staff.

A commitment to excellence and only the highest standards of quality and service have been maintained throughout our 65 year history.